Plagiarism tools comparison

Every plagiarism scanner, detector or software reviewed, evaluated and compared in different views.
Find which plagiarism tools are considered best one. You can also give your evaluation by ranking each tool. Help everyone know which is the best plagiarism checker


Qualities that Define the Best Plagiarism Checker

First of all, you know you are using the best plagiarism checker out there when it is able to detect 100% of the copied text. Suppose if the text you have entered is 100% copied, but none of it is detected or just 50% of it is detected as plagiarism. Then the tool you are using is not good Considering that, Plagiarism Tools has evaluated various plagiarism check tools. This plagiarism check comparison is done on the behalf of various software quality assurance and user experience metrics, which are as follows.

  • Accuracy: The best plagiarism checker will find ALL errors and not just 90% or 95% of the errors. Also, accuracy of a plagiarism check tool means that the amount of plagiarism and where it has been made, have been detected and highlighted correctly.
  • Ease of Access: Ease of access means that the tool’s app and website open easily and are easy to follow. If the instructions aren’t clear, then the tool isn’t accessible and can make it hard for first-timers to follow.
  • Availability: Is it available easily and everywhere? The best plagiarism checker has its standard plagiarism checking services free and is available in a variety of countries, easily over the Internet.
  • Price: Not all tools are available for free and for those that are, their standard features are free whereas the premium features come at a price or with subscription.
  • Quality: The overall quality of the plagiarism check tool is the way it depicts how the information has been copied. It should be easy for users to understand.
  • Multilingual Support: The support of multiple languages. It is important to note that since English is the international language, whether it is for the US or the UK, the majority of the plagiarism check tools have English as their main language. However, there are many tools that are language-specific and you would need to select one according to your language needs, as some are multilingual while others are not.
  • Anti-cheat resistance: This is a function that transcends all the above. The best plagiarism tool will definitely offer this function. With the growth of online testing, anti-cheat resistance is a feature that makes sure no cheating takes place during an online test. The cheating can involve copy and pasting answers, so it falls in one of the features of a good plagiarism check tool. Although this feature might come at a subscription service, since this is used mostly by testing companies.

So whenever you are opting for a plagiarism check tool, make sure it ranks great in all the above good qualities. Plagiarism Tools has performed a check on some of the most famous plagiarism check tools known today. You can check out the plagiarism check comparison today on the Plagiarism Tools website to help you pick the right tool.


Plagiarism is actually a violation when you steal someone else’s work and put your name on it. As the demand of high quality writing has increased for books, papers, blogs and all types of written content, plagiarism has become a common and severe issue. In order to get work done quickly, many people simply ‘copy and paste’ text found online into their own work.

With so many content out there, it only makes sense that plagiarism check tools are in the trends. Most of the work that is fed into plagiarism check tools are research papers. Professors and teachers all over the world ask their students to put their work through a plagiarism check before the final submission. This also helps the students to understand the dynamics of their paper and where they are going wrong. Other than students, other professional use plagiarism tools for articles, papers and much more.

The basic functioning of a plagiarism check tool is to parse the entire input text and match it accordingly with books, papers, articles and other sources. This means that the best plagiarism check tool should be programmed in a manner that it has a huge database and network behind. Therefore, the best plagiarism checker is one that performs an extended check over a variety of materials and is able to respond effectively. Let’s see some of the qualities that should be ranked outstanding in a good plagiarism check tool.