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Exception treatment in Python: Writing a robust Python program

Last updated: 5 May, 2021

While writing programs in Python, there may be situations in which the program enters an undesirable state called exceptions, leaving the execution. This can lead to the loss of work or even causes memory leak. In this article we will see how you can handle these exceptions so that the program will continue to run in a normal manner using the exception treatment in Python. We will also see what there are different ways to implement the exceptional processing in Python.

What are exceptions in Python?

One exception is an undesirable event / error in a program that interrupts the execution flow of the versions in the program and stop executing the program if the exception is not handled by the program itself. There are some predefined exceptions in Python. We can also declare custom exemptions by defining the exceptions by creating the classes that inherited the exception class in Python, and then create the exceptions using the keyword while running the program.

In the following program we create a dictionary and try to access the values ??with the keys in the Python dictionary. Here is an error in the second printing statement, since "C" is not available in the dictionary as a key. The program stops execution when an error has occurred.

In the above code, we can see that the program after printing 1 goes out on the second statement and notifies that KeyError has occurred. We can handle this error and generate custom output with Python trial and outbing blocks.

How is it possible with exceptions in Python?

To treat the exceptions that can be generated by the program, we use Python trial, excluding and finally blocked in our code to run the statements.

  • The experiment block has the code to be executed, creating errors / exceptions.
  • The out of block has the code to treat the error / exceptions generated in the trial block.
  • The code in the finally locked block always executes whether the experimental block has generated an exception or not, after all, the block is executed.

We write our code that must be executed in sample block. In the outblock we write the code to process the exceptions generated by trial. In the eventually blocking, we work the parts of the code that must be executed at the end. It does not matter if an exception is generated or not, after all, the block is always tried after and out of block.

In the following code, we implement the program used in a previous example by using experiments and out of block so that the program terminates normal when the error has occurred.

In the example above, we can see that the program is executed in the experimental block after executing the first printing statement, the program does not end. After the error occurred, this executes the instructions in the out of block and then ends. Here we must remember that instructions in the experiment block according to the point that has occurred except.

How do you treat specific exceptions in Python?

To treat each exception differently, we can provide arguments to the exception blocks. When an exception is generated, in which the same type is the reasoning, the code is executed in the specific block.

In the following code we act with the keyERROR exception specifically and the rest of the exceptions is handled by a normal block with a normal block.

In the above program, we can see that Keeselror has been handled specifically by passing it to an except block as a parameter, and other exceptions are usually treated during exceptional processing in Python.

If it is finally used in exceptional processing in Python?

The block is finally used if some instructions must be executed in the program, regardless of whether an exception is generated in the program or not. In programs in which the file handling is done or network connections are used, the program is that the program should end the connections or to close the file before exiting. We put the final block after trying and except blocking.

Recommended Python Training

For the Python training is our top recommendation DataCamp.

In the above code, we can see that the experimental block has raised an exception, the exception was treated by the out of block, and the finally locked block is finally executed.

When do you use if you use in exceptional trading in Python?

We can also use Python attempt, except block if we need to perform certain code instructions after the successful execution of the instructions in the experimental block. Else Block is written after trying and except the block. Here we have to consider that errors / exceptions that are generated in the other block are not treated by the instructions in the out-of-block files.

In the above program, we can see that the code has been executed in Ellen Block if the experiment block has been completed successfully. If the blocking block increases an exception, only the out of block is executed. If the experiment block generates an exception, the code will not be executed in the other block.

How do you create custom exceptions in Python?

We can also set restrictions in some values ??using exceptional transactions in Python. To generate a custom exception, we use the "Raise" keyword when a particular state is met. The exception is then treated by the out-of-block of the code.

To create a custom exception, we create a class with the desired exception name that should inherit the exception class. After that, we can raise the exception in our code anywhere after our need to implement restrictions.

In the above code, we can see that a custom exception was created, which results in the exception class and is collected after a conditional statement to check if the number is less than 10 or not. We can nowhere use custom exceptions to add restrictions on values ??of a variable in the program.


In this article we learned about exceptions and exceptional transactions in Python. We also examined how they try, except, out, finally, and also block during exception treatments. We also studied how to create custom custom errors and exceptions to implement restrictions on the variables.

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